Karl Family Farms Salami

Karl Family Farms Salami

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to the salami from Karl Family Farms! Karl Family Farms is a small family farm in the shadows of the Shawangunk Mountains in Modena, NY. Their animals spend their lives playing, grazing, and relaxing happily on pastures and in the woods. The cattle are exclusively grass-fed and none of the animals receive antibiotics or hormones.

There are 2 flavors of Salami to choose from:

Fuet comes from Catalonia, in the north-eastern part of Spain. 
The perfect mix of pork cuts, black pepper and mild spices make this salami appealing to everybody. Made using artisan technique and without the use of nitrates or nitrites!

And also available is the Chorizo, a traditional Spanish sausage made with the signature Pimenton (paprika). This artisan made, nitrate and nitrite free salami will be sure to add that authentic touch to your tapas or recipes.

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