Week of 02/06

Week of 02/06

Large produce assortments will receive 10-12 of the items below

Medium produce assortments will receive 5-6 of the items below

Small produce assortments will receive 3-4 of the items below 

Acorn Squash, Samascott Orchards
Yellow Onions, Paffenroth Gardens
White Potatoes, Paffenroth Gardens
Carrots, Poughkeepsie Farm Project
New Jerusalem Artichokes, Paffenroth Gardens
Fingerling Sweet Potatoes, Roxbury Farm
Purple Top Turnips, MX Morningstar Farm
Scallions, Heermance Farm
Chinese Cabbage Greens, Heermance Farm
Lettuce Heads, Heermance Farm
Pea Shoots, Perfect Foods, Inc.
Salad Mix, Poughkeepsie Farm Project
Mushrooms, Bulich Mushroom Co. Inc.
Dried Hot Thai Birdseye Peppers, Common Hands Farm

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