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Week of 8/01

Large produce assortments will receive 10-12 of the items below

Medium produce assortments will receive 5-6 of the items below

Small produce assortments will receive 3-4 of the items below

Cucumber, Blue Star Farm

Crimini Mushrooms, Bulich Mushroom Farm

One Ball Squash, Holmquest Farms

Tomatoes, Holmquest Farms

Megal Italian Eggplant, Holmquest Farms

Green Beans, Markristo Farm

Green Mustard, Markristo Farm

Jalapeño Peppers, Markristo Farm

Braising Greens, Markristo Farm

Sweet Peppers, Obercreek Farm

New Potatoes, Paffenroth Gardens

Halloween Radishes, Paffenroth Gardens

Bicolor Corn, Samascott Orchards

Gold Bar Zucchini, Samascott Orchards

Salad Mix, Markristo Farm

Microgreens, Perfect Foods

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