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Week of 9/19

Large produce assortments will receive 10-12 of the items below

Medium produce assortments will receive 5-6 of the items below

Small produce assortments will receive 3-4 of the items below

Crimini Mushroom, Bulich Mushroom Farm

Chinese Red Noodle Pole Bean, Heermance Farm

Okra, Mixed Red And Green, Heermance Farm

Microgreens, Indoor Organic Gardens of Poughkeepsie

Bok Choy, Markristo Farm

Collard Greens, Migliorelli Farm Farm

Spinach, Migliorelli Farm Farm

Yellow Zucchini, Migliorelli Farm Farm

Broccolini, MX Morningstar Farm

Cabbage, MX Morningstar Farm

Sunshine Kabocha Squash, MX Morningstar Farm

Shishito Peppers, Obercreek Farm

White Satin Carrots, Paffenroth Gardens

Red Spring Onions, Paffenroth Gardens

Salem Potatoes, Paffenroth Gardens

Leeks, Poughkeepsie Farm Project

Cucumbers, Rexcroft Farm

Lettuce Blend, Sky Farm

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